Outreach to Distributors and Agents


Re you active in the field of optics and interested in taking part, as distributors,  in the international success of the Uber® color contact lenses?


If you are, here are a few things you should know about the eyeaces.com site and the company which operates it – Eyeaces:


  • We currently employ many agents around the world, and we intend to soon raise the number of our agents by several orders of magnitude – so this is exactly the time you should ensure your place in the planned array of agents.
  • We take pride in performing and supporting fair and good trading practices, which is why we provide high quality lenses at a fair price to those agents who work with us, enabling them to enjoy a high profit.
  • We also perform wholesale shipping costs to any location in the world.
  • The minimum order for a wholesale order is 20 pairs of lenses, with the price of a pair of lenses in the wholesale order being dependent (and negatively correlated) with the ordered amount.
  • Our wholesale agents also have the option of purchasing contact lenses manufactured by brands and additional companies that do not appear on the site.


In order to make wholesale purchases earlier, we have opened the acquisition process to all existing credit ,

with all purchases through the eyeaces.com site being performed .in a secure and SSL encypted server


Do you want to join the Eyeaces family and enjoy success?

We welcome new family members with open arms!


To contact us about business inquiries, Please contact us with the contact form bellow .


We are at you service at any time, to answer any question and address any request

The eyeaces.com site team.