Warranty, Liability, Shipping and Product Return


In the eyeaces.com you can find more than liability for the products you have purchased. The purchase of a single product at our store provides you with:

  • An original product and distribution certificate.
  • A description of the product and its expiration date
  • Manufacturer liability
  • A durable and safe package for each and every product.
  • A secure and encrypted order server and a shop to perform the order at
  • Speed, reliability, an affordable price, and full liability for the shipment


Dear customer,

It is extremely important that you read the liability conditions very carefully, in order to understand the liability conditions under which our products are sold:

We do not sell contact lenses to customers under the age of 18.


Upon receiving your package, please ensure that its contents are identical to the order you performed.

In the event that the contents are not identical to those which you ordered, the product will be exchanged without the need for any additional fees.


Please note!

Product return or financial return will not be accepted in the event of any changes to the product, such as marking, writing, or any other type of change to the original package.  Once the contact lenses are received by us they will be analyzed.

The financial return process will take up to 10 business days, and the return will be performed only to that credit card which was used to perform the order. Additional costs and any shipping fees will not be returned.


Shipment periods

The shipment will leave on its way from Brazil / US / Israel within up to 48 hours from the moment the order is performed. The average time until the shipment arrives in the destination country or the exact address provided at the shipment ranges between 3 to 60 days. We cannot commit to an exact time of shipment, since this depends on the period of handling in the destination country, as well as a number of other factors, such as the period of customs delays, weather conditions and so forth. We use shipping couriers such as Fedex, UPS, DHL, Israel post and chita delivery inside Israel.


Tracking the shipment

In the event that you are registered on the site, when the order leaves our office an Email will be sent to you and you will be able to track your order through your site account. If you have not registered to our site, you can track your order by using the tracking number you received when you made the order.


Returns & Refunds:

The time period in which a purchase may be cancelled is up to 14 business days following the day of the supply. The product must be transferred by the postal service (Products transferred by services such as FEDEX, DHL, UPS, Israel Post and so forth will not be accepted). The product must be sent in its original condition and in its original packaging,


Defective product:

The customer has five business days from the moment of product arrival in order to submit a complaint to the manufacturer. The contact lenses must be sent in the appropriate contact lenses container, that is properly stored and handled, and in its blister packing. Annual contact lenses must also be sent in their original container.

A photograph of the of the payment receipt, and a letter detailing the essence of the complaint regarding the product must be included in the package.


Complaints regarding dry contact lenses which contain tears, fungi, scratches or lenses which were handled in an improper and deviant manner, or else lenses which were used in a manner which was not intended by the manufacturer, will not be addressed by the manufacturer.

All of the products will undergo a preliminary scan which will examine the storage box, the lenses, the receipt, and the attached letter.


Color contact lenses:

Eyeace.com is not responsible or liable for the final outcome of the color of the color lenses after they are inserted in the customer’s eyes. The images provided for the customers are supplied by the lenses manufacturers, and are therefore used solely for illustration purposes, and do not constitute a commitment for the final color achieved by the user of the lens.


Privacy Policy:

Can your site transfer my credit or personal information to a third party??
Our website will never transfer the customer’s credit information to any third party.
Customer details such as shipping address, phone number, etc. will be delivered to our trusted suppliers only for order delivery and always without credit information.


Please note!

The warranty only covers manufacturing defects, and does not cover cases of negligence, lack of caution in handling the product, or improper use of the product.

Product replacement requests will only be accepted in accordance to the aforementioned conditions, in the original packing and together with the required documents.


Please keep every item you received in its original package until we can solve whatever problem you may encounter together.


Limits of legal warranty and liability

We, in the eyeaces.com site, do all that we can to ensure that the contact lenses sent to you, whether they are ordinary color contact lenses, or the optical color contact lenses, will start their journey to you in their original and top notch quality. However, we cannot control what the package undergoes from the moment it leaves our office, in sound condition, to the moment you receive it.


That is why it is extremely important, particularly prior to the first use, that you examine the lenses closely, when you receive your package. Look for stains, drying due to lack of fluid, tears or cracks. In the event that the lens seem defective do not be tempted to use them!


The contact lenses you receive arrive with very clear use instructions, which include directives regarding the materials and solutions which can be used, and so forth. Carefully observe these instructions to the letter, and perform them with the maximum precision. Bear in mind that these instructions are not intended to preserve just the contact lenses, but also, and primarily, to preserve the health of your own eyes.


One other thing:

Eyeace.com recommends that every individual using a contact lenses of any kind undergo inspections of both his eyesight and the health of his eyes with a licensed optometrist or else the attending Ophthalmologist, in order to diagnose the health of his eyes, and the appropriateness of using contact lenses and receiving an updated prescription.


Eyeaces.com does all that it can to bring you the highest and healthiest contact lens. However, you too must do your part and show responsibility in undertaking all appropriate measures to safeguard the health of your eyes.

Do you have any additional questions?

Please contact us by Email support@eyeaces.com or by phone +972522314873

Address: Shazif 3, Beit Shemesh