Eyeaces was founded in Korea 2017 by the Ubermensch Labs, headquartered in Japan, which represents the well-known brand ®Uber Lens Contact Lenses and represents many other prominent brands in the field of contact lenses. Eyeaces, which operates this site, specializes in the online trading of contact lenses, and its purpose is to provide those who acquire contact lenses the information they require, as well as the safest, easiest and most convenient purchase experience for each individual.

The site eyeaces.com is a leading and advanced site of its type, which enables you to purchase the original contact lenses products at the widest possible variety which currently exists, while meticulously ensuring the quality of the products and offering affordable prices. The site enables online and direct site only of original products, which is why each product sold on the site has full legal liability..


To ensure excellence of service and supply and provide a new type of shopping experience for our clients, as well as provide them with the possibility of purchasing high quality products at reasonable prices. Although the primary field of specialization of Eyeaces deals primarily with Korean contact lenses, the company also directly works with the international Solotica Brazil Company, as well as versus other leading contact lenses brands from Brazil, the United States and Erupe.

In order to ease the purchase experience of those visiting the site, we have opened online purchases to all existing credit cards, all purchases versus the eyeaces.com site being performed on an encrypted and secured SSL server.

  • Free Shipping for every contact lenses order
  • All shipments are shipped with valid tracking number
  • All products undergo quality control before being sold on site
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  • New Products Every Month

Our vision

To expand, to grow and to become the best online contact lenses shop in every country or language in which the site is active. To bring the word of the color Korean contact lenses into global and Israeli consciousness, while carefully ensuring that we only work with high quality and safe brands!

Eyeaces operates hundreds of agents and distributors worldwide, which makes the high quality contact lenses represented by the wide variety of brands it represents to available for purchase from any location in the world, and to deliver its products to any country in the world as well.

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We, in the site eyeaces.com, pride ourselves on providing a high quality and helpful service to our client, and act in order to provide each and every one of you with personal treatment and professional service.

We are available to serve you at any time in regards to any question or request- the eyeaces.com site team.