About ®Uber contact lenses


®Uber color contact lenses by Ubermensch Labs.


Ubermensch Labs is a Korean Manufacturer of color contact lenses. Thanks to its widespread experience in the international pharmaceutical industry, The brand offers a wide variety of color contact lenses under the Uber® brand.

The Uber® contact lenses are intended to blend in to your natural eye color in order to create a more natural look. As a result, the effect of a color contact lenses on your seeming eye color might change, depending on the natural color of your iris. Furthermore, the Uber® color contact lenses enable you to lighten your eye color if you are naturally dark eyed or, conversely, in the event that the tone of your eyes is light you can darken it as well.


The Uber® color contact lenses also enable individualized adaptation to various different sight problems. Therefore, they are available in three levels – for people without sight problems (Plano), for people who are nearsighted (Myopia) and for those suffering for farsightedness problems (Hyperopia). In fact, all contact lenses colors are available in a wide variety of dioptric values, from 0.5 to 8.00. furthermore, Ubermensch Labs is also proud to be one of the only brands in the entire world to offer color cylinder toric contact lenses, personally adapted for those suffering from  astigmatism.


Uber®  color contact lenses are characterized by modern design, unique patterns and a spectrum of wonderful colors. As a result, the Uber®  collections include amazing hues of blue, green, grey and brown in various depths and hues.


The Uber®  color contact lenses have become the trendiest accessory which no individual who considers himself fashionable can do without! 


Branding and quality

We are aware of the aesthetic aspect of contact lenses and is careful to maintain it, as well as ensure the safety and high quality of the materials used in its products.

The local Health Ministry provides a certificate for the color contact lenses of Uber® in every state to which its high quality products arrive. In addition to these local certificates of approval, the lenses bear the CE marking (Indicating that they meet the strict regulatory requirements of the European Union member states), are FDA approved, match the ISO standards and meet the requirements of international medical quality standards.


Credibility and quality are the two guiding lights in which we believe. As a result, we aspire to, and ceaselessly work to improve the quality of our standards, in order to ensure that our customers enjoy the leading solutions and products.


The Uber®  trademark is a registered brand throughout the world.


Selective distribution throughout the world.

Our company offers and ensures each of its customers a unique experience. That is why its color contact lenses are only sold though carefully selected agents. If you have any fears concerning the credibility or originality of a product you acquired, please contact us with detailed information and we will do our very best to help you.



Please note that we do not offer our products for sale over social media networks and sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsUp.

If you believe that you have inadvertently purchased a fake product (or even if you have been offered such, through one of the aforementioned social media platforms, or any platform other than those specifically authorized above), we will be very appreciative of your assistance in our struggle to safeguard the quality of our distributors, and we will be delighted to receive a report of the event to our Email address support@eyeaces.com


Are you active in the area of optics and interested in joining the international success of the Uber® contact lenses as distributors?

Send us your full company profile to distribution@eyeaces.com