A large part of safeguarding the health of your eyes while wearing the contact lenses is about proper handling and maintenance of the contact lenses. Until a few years ago, any use of contact lenses required several battles of cleaning solutions, and perhaps even enzyme capsules for certain contact lenses types. Today, however, most components of contact lenses can use the multipurpose solutions on the market – in other words, a single solution which both cleans and sterilizes, and is also used to store the contact lenses when they are not attached to your eyes.


People who are sensitive to preservatives which might be present in the multipurpose solutions might require substitutes which do not contain such materials such as those who contain a minute quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Such solutions do a great job in cleaning the contact lenses, but it is extremely important to follow their use instructions and to perform them precisely. The solution must not come in contact with your eyes until their soaking is concluded and its active ingredients are neutralized.


Of course, if you are too lazy to properly maintain your contact lenses, you can resolve the whole issue of contact lenses maintenance by wearing single use contact lenses.

Allow us to interject for a moment regarding time period limited contact lenses.

There is a good reason as to why there are certain contact lenses which are intended by the manufacturer for use for a certain period. Without going into complex chemical and biological explanations, a lenses which is intended for a given time period will, following the conclusion of this time period, risk harming your eyes, even if it is of excellent quality, and even if it is “only” color contact lenses which should not have any effect on the quality of your sight when they are in a pristine condition.

Do not be tempted to drag out the time of use by “just a little bit longer”. Contact lenses today are very affordable, and the risk to your eyesight is not worth this very minor “financial saving: which you might gain by extending the use life of a contact lens

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